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Blooming Grove Elementary PTO
Blooming Grove PTO Officers:
President - Lisa Harris
Vice President - Amy Lynn Dodd
Treasurer - Hanna Phillips
Secretary - Hayden Richards

Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, etc.  All they need to do is pay $3.00 each and check the “inactive” member box!  If you want to be active, you would just send $3.00 each and check the activities you would like to help with.  For every membership ($3.00) turned in, your child’s name will be entered into a drawing for a free t-shirt.  The class who turns in the most members will get to “silly string” the principals!  The membership form & $3.00 are due by Sept. 30th       (ex.   Jane has 5 people join PTO each giving $3.00.  Jane has turned in $15.00 and now has 5 entries in the drawing for a free t-shirt.) 



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Send money with your child every Thursday this Fall (beginning 8/27) and they will pick out tattoos, bring them home, and wear them to school on Friday.  Tattoos are .50 and $1.00.



Spirit YARD signs ($15.00 each; more information to come)

Fall Book Fair, In Person and Online

 September 18th – September 25th



PTO thanks you for your support! 

Please email with any questions.


All forms are listed below.